Saturday, January 26, 2008


Recently I myself went to the Boston Celtics game against the Utah Jazz and if you follow basketball then you know this was a huge game because Boston has the best record in the NBA. At the same time as the game, the New England Patriots in the NFL were trying to become the first team since 1972 to go undefeated during the regular season. At the game, while the jazz were trying to beat the best team in basketball, there were several huge New Englanders out in the hall watching the NFL game on a big screen TV. What follows is my encounter with a "true New England Patriots fan, born and bred in New England," after New England scored the go ahead touchdown. Goes to show you what happens when alcohol, football, and craziness are involved. Be aware that this may not be suitable for children.

P.s. We found the source of the problem, good old beer!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Golds Gym

Blog 2 - Return of my muscles
Under the pressures of the world to be fit and musclfied, I recently purchased a Gold's Gym membership. By the way, I am VIP member, which means I get free raquetball, booyeah!!! I am very proud to say that I have officially gone to the gym twice since the purchase almost a month ago. At that rate, I am sure I will be huge in no time. The reason that I bought it in the first place is because my new employment at Fidelity Investments is paying for some of the ticket. I have only been working out for 1 month but already have had several experiences like the clip below. This is after one of my workout sessions. I am a little embarrassed by it.

She ended up dumping me, what a shame.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Internet superiority!!!

Having a blog, signals that I am once again on top of my game. I have been removed from the internet scene for sometime, but now I back on top baby. Chatters, online dating services, and fellow bloggers, WATCH OUT, THE BIZZDIDDY IS BACK!!! My desire is internet superiority. Before I begin doing any heavy posting I would like to thank my sponsors who have been with me from the beginning. From my typing time trials in Atlanta, when I won the intercollegiate chatting contest, to my international bestseller book, "How to cope with being Mr. Internet and single on the Internet," there has been one person that has stood by me the whole way. That is GNC labs. They have been there to make sure that my fingers, have the maximum typing ability. I spend hours a day working my phalanges, and wow, those supplements make my fingers like lightening. So get ready america, Mr Internet has got talent.